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Some Fun and Simple Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Spending So Much

People consider summer as the most expensive season of the year. We think of this of summer because we usually incur hidden and spontaneous expenses that we never thought of that we will spend. Imagine our kids are not in school anymore, and so we have to fill them with activities to fill their day, plus we have to prepare our homes to be more comfortable, and chores are more than ever, and these all will equate to money.

If you look at the brighter side of summer, it is the time of the year when you can get into the habit of cutting down costs and save money. This is why we are presenting to you some great money saving ideas that you can try out this summer season and same time have fun.

We all know that going to amusement parks spells fun for all kids but in the process you have to shell out money for the admission tickets. We suggest therefore that you go to your local community park, and get free fun by having a picnic there, play some baseball catch or soccer, and at the same time you do not have to pay for any ticket at all.

Another idea to be thrifty during summer is by getting a programmable thermostat and changing the filter, this way you will still be cool but not spending so much of your electricity.

Avoid spending money on your air conditioning and allowing cool air to just flow out because you have leaks in your doors and windows, thus, it is advisable that you conduct weather stripping to fill up those gaps.

A lot of washing can be noticed during summer with children in the house playing and giving you dirty clothes more often, and so you will be doing lots and lots of washing. Purchasing an energy efficient washer and dryer would be a great investment in this case.

We always love going on a vacation somewhere or go to a place we always wanted to go, but this would mean large expenses especially if it involves the whole family. In exchange for that costly vacation, why not this time the whole family goes on camping, and get to explore nature at your locality, have fun setting up those tents with your children, bonfire and singing, and make plenty of memories without spending so much.

We consider a luxury to go out and have dinner and many cannot let months perhaps go by without eating out. We are therefore recommending that you cook at home, and save some of your money. Shake up your kitchen by cooking at home and have a themed dinner in some nights, like an Italian night, or burger night or barbeque at the yard, and so on.

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