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Tips for Throwing a Successful Outdoor Party in Winter

Hosting a party in the months that are experiencing winter is an exciting idea but it can be difficult if you are not well prepared. Here is the ultimate guide to an outdoor winter party.

Create a warm environment for your guests by setting up a bonfire. Due to low temperatures, the guests will gather around the fire as they chatter into the night. An even greater way to keep your guests hanging over the fire is by grilling and cooking. You can choose to build your own fire pit or buy a portable fire pit. However, before making the fire, ensure that you protect the grass by using cement block.

In order to keep your guest feeling warm and cozy, it is important that you provide them with blankets and pillows. Ensure that your guests do not freeze by providing them high-quality blankets. Also, if possible, try to ensure that each guest has an extra pair of boot and coats.

Remember to light up the walkways using lanterns and headlamps. Unlike summer, the sun does not stay late during winter, hence, lanterns are crucial to light up the paths and brighten the party as night falls. You can also wrap the lightings around the trees or even fill pails with stick candles in order to give light and warmth.

As the temperatures get low, you need to serve your guests with food and drinks that will increase their body temperatures. Take advantage of the open fire to grill or roast dishes that will satisfy your guests. Also, remember to serve the hot food on a tray and the drinks in insulated bottles. Whiskey and wine are perfect drinks on a winter day since it will keep them warm and entertained as you laugh over the fire. If there will be children, you can warm them up with tea which should be stored in thermoses.

Ensure that you bring out hairs that are durable to withstand the snow and also comfortable to sit on during low temperatures. You don’t want to give metal furniture to the guest as this will add up the cold in their bodies. You can add the comfort of the chairs by providing them with cushions and nubby blankets. You can use old blankets to cover hay bales which act as seats especially if you don’t want to invest outdoor furniture.

Keep the children and the adults entertained through lawn games. Traditional games such as croquet, snowball fight and snowman competition will keep your guest entertained. If you have a large backyard, you can build a tent and watch movies with your guests.